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Gymalaya Burlington Is Now Open! Become our next success story!

What is Gymalaya?

To understand why Gymalaya is truly unique Children’s Fitness Franchising Opportunity in Canada, let us tell you what is it first!

Gymalaya is a recreational gymnastics business that offers children an awesome non-competitive gymnastics experience in a colourful and fun environment. Services include:

    •  Recreational gymnastics classes for children ages 4 months to 12 years of age
    •  Fun-filled gymnastics birthday parties
    •  Amazing summer, winter and march break camps
    •  Custom designed, age appropriate gymnastics equipment
    •  Unique professionally developed non-competitive curriculum Learn More

Why Gymalaya Franchise?

Partner with us and make a difference in children’s’ lives. See why Gymalaya is an attractive Children’s Fitness Franchising Opportunity with a unique and fresh concept:

  •  Unique opportunity in childrens fitness
  •  10 years of proven business
  •  Affordable investment
  •  Ongoing training and support
  •  Year round income
  •  High client repeat and retention rate
  •  Site selection and facility design

Gymalaya Burlington Is Now Open!

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Our Story

Children's Fitness Franchising Opportunity

Meet the Owner

Gymalaya is a unique business concept that was started over ten years ago by it’s founder, Yael Kravetz. Yael, a former gymnast and competitive gymnastics coach herself, had a vision to provide all children with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of gymnastics in a fun, safe, educational  and non-competitive environment, using a state-of-the-art modern equipment and employing a high standard of coaching.

Yael has always had the passion for the sport of gymnastics. She started coaching at a young age and has over 30 years of teaching experience in this field.  She loves making a difference in children’s lives and watching them reach their full potential. From teaching children how to do a somersault to watching them gain self esteem and confidence, Yael believes that gymnastics is the foundation for many aspects in a child’s physical, social and emotional development.

While raising two young children with her husband Vladimir, it took Yael two years from inception to launch her new venture in the City of Vaughan in 2006. After two successful years at the Vaughan location, in November of 2008, Yael and one of her staff, Eugene Rakita decided to become business partners and open a second Gymalaya location in Newmarket. Both Gymalaya Vaughan and Gymalaya Newmarket have become well established gymnastics businesses in their local communities offering classes, birthday parties and seasonal camps for children of all ages.

Throughout the years, Yael has had numerous customers inquiring about franchising, but she was not yet ready to go in that direction. After her third child was born in 2011, Yael decided when she turned five, she would be ready to expand her business into the world of franchising.

This brings us to 2016 and Gymalaya Is Now Ready to franchise! Take this Children’s Fitness Franchising Opportunity and become next SUCCESS story!

Gymalaya Franchise | Children's Fitness Franchising Opportunity
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Years in Business

Our Locations

Gymalaya currently has two corporate locations in Ontario, Canada. We are looking to expand through franchising in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, however if you would like to bring this amazing concept to your community please contact us today! Remember this unique Children's Fitness Franchising Opportunity will benefit both you as a business owner and your community's next generation for years to come!

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    Gymalaya Vaughan

    Founded in 2006

  • null

    Gymalaya Newmarket

    Opened in 2008

  • null

    Gymalaya Burlington

    Opened 2018!

Do you have a location in mind?

Our Client's Testimonials

Real, Unscripted and, Most Importantly, 100% genuine!

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    Bryan Wilson Avatar Bryan Wilson
    February 18, 2024

    positive review  Perfect place for Birthdays. The staff are amazing!

    Ostap Bosak Avatar Ostap Bosak
    September 18, 2023

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    Lungelo Gladwell Avatar Lungelo Gladwell
    August 26, 2023
  • positive review  My daughter (5) loves it here! She always complains the classes are too short because she’s having so much fun. The coaches do an amazing job keeping all the children engaged and customizing activities to their individual level. We also had her birthday party here recently and everyone had such a great time! Even though the ages of children ranged from 1-11 there was something for everyone. Highly recommend!

    Alexa MacDonald Avatar Alexa MacDonald
    November 5, 2022

    positive review  Such a wonderful place to introduce your little ones to gymnastics. A variety of programs to choose from. Warm and caring coaches that help build skills and confidence. We're especially grateful for the family gym time they currently offer allowing our family to enjoy an active extracurricular in a safe way.

    Joy Pekar Avatar Joy Pekar
    May 1, 2022

    positive review  Our 4 y/o loves her class at Gymalaya. Tuesday night has become her favourite night of the week!! The coaches are great, really connect with her. Even give her exercises that fit her level compared to the other class participants.

    Denise Gray Avatar Denise Gray
    February 10, 2022
  • positive review  Definitely recommend this place for lil ones. They have a nice setup for gymnastics and best staff.. Madison is the coach for my son amd she is best at her job!!!

    Rashmi Sane Avatar Rashmi Sane
    October 28, 2021

    positive review  Signed my daughter Ella up for some drop in classes. After the first class I signed her up for the fall season classes. Such a nice clean gym, staff are friendly and helpful. I love being able to watch my daughter with the viewing window. Absolutely love the Newmarket Gymalaya and recommend everyone to try it out💗🤸🏼‍♀️👍🏼

    Becca Low Avatar Becca Low
    August 27, 2021

    positive review  Great experience, clean, safe, kids love it! Keep us the great work.

    Leah Ehrlich Avatar Leah Ehrlich
    September 23, 2020
  • positive review  Great gym and great coaches.

    Cameron Osborne Avatar Cameron Osborne
    April 12, 2020

    positive review  We had my son's 5th birthday, and it was amazing! The staff was seriously amazing for both the activity portion, as well as helping to serve the kids and guests! Highly recommended!

    Nicholas Kwa Avatar Nicholas Kwa
    February 24, 2020

    positive review  HELL YES! I don't know if you can be treated any better. Great area. Unbelievable staff. They took care of the whole party like we were some sort of royalty. Highly recommend. 5 frikkin stars!!

    Jonathan Asis Consunji Avatar Jonathan Asis Consunji
    February 24, 2020
  • positive review  I recently celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday at Gymalaya. The staff there is amazing...they separated the younger kids and the older kids to provide a fun and energetic party experience for all of them. This isn't the first time I had a party here and it won't be the last!

    Michelle Gaspar Avatar Michelle Gaspar
    December 17, 2019

    positive review  We had our sons 4th birthday here and it was fantastic! The staff are not only excellent in the gym with the kids but also courteous and well organized. They set up our decorations, put out our food, brewed coffee, served all of our guests, cut the cake and did ALL the clean up. It was smooth and easy. All of the children had a great time!! Thanks!!

    Lena Rolo Avatar Lena Rolo
    November 11, 2019

    positive review  We highly recommend Gymalaya for birthday parties. We recently celebrated our daughter’s 6th birthday party and they were helpful, engaged and friendly. My daughter and her friends had so much fun!

    Dara GH Avatar Dara GH
    November 10, 2019
  • positive review  My toddler fell in love with Gymalaya after attending for a birthday party. We signed him up for the fall session and I've seen an amazing change in him. He had always been extremely shy and unable to participate in activities without my husband or I. The coaches are so incredible! They never once got frustrated as he warmed up to the idea of participating alone. Now my son will run into the gym and participates for the entire hour with a huge smile on his face. All he talks about is doing gymnastics and even asks if his coach can come live with us! He's become 100% more outgoing, talkative and self-confident. I owe that to Gymalaya and their wonderful staff.

    Averil Ross Avatar Averil Ross
    November 5, 2019

    positive review  Gymalaya in New Market is fantastic! My twin girls love going every week and their coaches have been amazing. I definately reccomend you send your kids to this location. Everyone is friendly and facilities are kept clean!

    Maria Sarracini Avatar Maria Sarracini
    November 5, 2019

    positive review  We tried many different clubs, that are offering kindergym program children of small age. But this place is absolutely perfect for my 3,5 years old daughter. I can see that she’s improving every class, she loves her couches and waiting with excitement the day of her class! Definitely 5 ⭐️!!!

    Elizabeth Klimenko Avatar Elizabeth Klimenko
    November 5, 2019

Take a look yourself why Gymalaya is a truly unique Children's Fitness Franchising Opportunity!




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